Activity of the Day – Giant Tweezer Pick Up!

We love to use tweezers in nursery to pick up various items and place them in various containers – pom poms, pasta, small figures etc. It is a great way to practice fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination, which are vital skills for later handwriting! Placing the items into different containers is also good for mathematical development – making patterns, counting how many items are in each pile, 1:1 number correspondence.  If you do not have tweezers you could put your own spin on this activity by gathering a range of items from around your house – big, small, long, short etc and giving your child two spoons to pick the items up with – one spoon in each hand like a pair of giant tweezers!  Can your child pick the items up? Which shape items are the trickiest to pick up? Take it in turns, see who can pick up the most items and keep score (you could ask your child to do this!) – why not also set a timer to make it more of a challenge!

Links to the EYFS –

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – making relationships; self confidence and self awareness                                                                                                                                                      Communication and Language – listening and attention; understanding; speaking                      Physical Development – moving and handling (fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand to eye co-ordination)                                                                                                                                                                     Literacy – writing                                                                                                                                          Mathematics – numbers; shape, space and measure                                                                                    Understanding the World


Mindfulness Activity of the Day – Sending good wishes

Ask your child to think of 5 people they would like to send good wishes to – you might even want to write them a letter or draw them a picture which you could post on your daily walk!


Daily Walk Challenge of the Day – Tree spotting

How many trees can you see on your walk? Are they big or small? Do they have leaves or have they all fallen off? If they have fallen off is there a big pile of leaves for you to walk in? How do they feel when you walk on them? Are they wet or dry, crunchy or soft?


Movement of the Day – Yoga

The Very Hungry Caterpillar yoga


Link of the Day – 5 Little Ducks

At Large Group Time, we love to sing number rhymes, such as Five Little Ducks. Why not follow this link, which has a listening activity, the 5 little ducks song and a story about Zack who has lost his quack!