At Helen Gibson we strive to provide a stable, happy and stimulating environment which will facilitate a smooth transition from home to school for both parents and children.


We aim to offer the children opportunities which will enable them to develop those skills which are required for effective learning; thereby allowing them to develop to their full potential whilst engaging with the fundamental values in  Britain which supports mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, developing and demonstrating skills and attitudes that will allow our children to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.


In order to meet the needs of each individual child we aim to:-


Provide love and security


Encourage the development of self esteem, a sense of achievement and self-confidence


Give the opportunity for the child to express feelings and to cope with fears, worries and difficult experiences


Develop an awareness of the needs and rights of others


Provide an environment where children can develop their own identity without  racism or prejudice


Provide opportunities for children to make choices and direct their own learning


Encourage independence and a sense of responsibility


Encourage learning through “hands on” experience


Encourage creativity and use of imagination


Promote communication skills


Develop concentration and listening skills


Develop language and reasoning skills


Develop spatial awareness


Develop manipulative skills / hand eye co-ordination