This year we have 3 children eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium.  The main barriers to learning this year are children’s listening skills and managing their own feelings.  In order to support this we are using a number of interventions to support listening skills throughout our nursery.  All children will benefit from BLAST sessions to support speaking and listening skills and all staff will be trained in this.  We are also focusing on conflict resolution with our children to enable them to solve their own problems and develop an understanding of their own and other children’s feelings.  Staff will be trained on this during the Autumn term.



We have four children in receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium.  The main two barriers for learning are speech and language development and Personal, Social and Emotional development.  This year we recognise that many of our children find being in school after such a long time at home difficult which is why we aim to support children’s mental health through a rich curriculum which promotes independence, resilience whilst developing the ability to communicate needs effectively.  Through daily reflections and sequential planning, we can ensure children reach their full potential in a safe and secure way.  We have decided this year to purchase puppets and stories to be used in small and large group times to promote  language, communication and listening skills whilst supporting children’s mental health and understanding of theirs and other children’s feelings.

The impact of EYPP funding this year was that all children made outstanding progress in both PSE and communicating their needs.  Children left us school ready.




This year we have 6 children in receipt of early years pupil premium.  The main barriers for learning this year are Mathematics and Literacy.    In order to support our children we have decided to buy into an approach called Launchpad to Literacy.  This will support phonic development for children and take us through the small steps we need to support.  In order to support mathematics we have employed a member of staff to do interventions to support our children in closing the gap in Maths.




18 / 19

This year we have 7 children in receipt of EYPP.  The main barrier for their learning is Mathematics.  The amount of money we will receive for these children is £2100.  This money will be used to make and buy resources to support counting, matching numerals to quantities and recognising 2D and 3D shapes.  Interventions have already been implemented to ensure that these children make at least good progress and often outstanding in Numbers and Shape, Space and Measure.

Outcomes in 18 / 19

Our EYPP children did exceptionally well in both Shape, Space and Measure and in Number.  They made above average progress and by the end of the year all children had caught up with their peers and 44.4% had exceeded age related expectations.