Activity of the day – Sink or Float

This is a classic science activity that explores the principle of buoyancy and can be done with even very young children. Get a large container (e.g. a bowl or plastic box), fill it with water, and with the children collect a range of objects from around the home. The children then drop an object into the water – after guessing whether it will sink or float. Be sure to ask questions about their predictions – why do you think this will sink/float? Did the last object sink or float? Why do you think that happened? Is this object heavy, do you think that means it will sink or float?

We love water play in nursery, but it is not possible at the moment due to COVID-19 risk assessments, so once you have finished this experiment why not provide your child with different containers to fill and empty (plastic cups, plastic jugs, plastic medicine syringes, bath toys, empty plastic bottles, anything you have lying around!) Filling and emptying is a good mathematical activity where children will learn about different amounts, quantities, cause and effect, all while having lots of fun – just make sure to put a towel down, it can get quite soggy!

Links to the EYFS –

Communication and Language – listening and attention, understanding, speaking                             Physical development – moving and handling (fine motor skills)                                                   Mathematics – shape, space and measure                                                                                       Understanding the world 

Mindfulness Activity of the day – Dragon Breathing

  1. Sit up straight
  2. Breathe in all the way
  3. Stick your tongue out
  4. Breathe out like a dragon!

Daily Walk Challenge of the day

Did you take part in the RSPB bird count at the weekend? If you did, how many birds did you see? If not, how many birds can you see on your walk today? Don’t forget to look high and low! Are the birds big or small? Are they flying or sitting on a rooftop? If you look really hard you might even see a nest in the trees! Maybe you could even take an old empty cardboard tube, like a kitchen roll tube, to use as homemade binoculars!

Movement of the day – Dance

Family Dance Workshop for kids aged 2 – 6: Little Red Riding Hood – Bing video

Link of the day – Playing catch with a twist!