Activity of the Day – Puzzle Wrap

Do you have any old wooden board puzzles (like the alphabet/number/character ones) lying at the back of the cupboard your child is no longer interested in? Why not breathe new life into them! Here are two ideas for doing this –

  • Wrap each individual puzzle piece up – you could use scrap wrapping paper, tin foil, newspaper, packaging from deliveries, anything you have lying around! Ask your child to either leave the room or close their eyes (NO PEEKING!) and hide each piece in a different place around the room. Challenge your child to find the pieces, unwrap them and put them in the correct places – set a timer to make it harder! Treasure maps are always a big hit in nursery, if you are feeling arty why not draw a map of your room, X marks the spot of each puzzle piece!
  • Wrap each puzzle piece as above, then why not put on some music and play pass the (puzzle piece) parcel! Play as you usually would, unwrapping a piece each time the music stops, taking turns, then put it in the correct place. Once you have finished why not keep the music on and play rounds of musical bumps and musical statues!


Mindfulness Activity of the Day – More Music!

Play some music!  Music is proven to be relaxing, why not close your eyes and see how many different instruments you can hear in the song. Is there singing or just music? Music can spark creativity, maybe you could draw or colour while listening to the music.

Daily Walk Challenge of the Day – Go on a Bear Hunt!

Did you join in with Miss Wadey’s ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ yoga today? On your daily walk today why don’t you go on your very own bear hunt?! You could take a teddy bear of your own along! Make sure to wear your welly boots and waterproofs!! Can you find any long, wavy grass to swish through? It has been raining this week, are there any puddles to splish splosh in? What about thick, oozy mud to squelch in? Do you live near some trees that could be your forest – be careful not to stumble or trip! I wonder if we will get any snow – hoooo wooooo! You might not see any caves but what about tunnels?! UH OH A BEAR!!!

Movement of the Day – Pete The Cat Dance!

Pete the Cat is a favourite in nursery – he loves his white shoes and four groovy buttons! When you have finished The Cool Cat Boogie why not ask your grown up to search for some Pete the Cat stories on YouTube, snuggle up and relax while listening to the stories together!

Link of the day – Making Music

We love to make music in nursery – why not play this game where you can experiment with all different elements of music making!