Our Principle goals are for all children to

  • Be Independent
  • Be Confident
  • Become an interested reader and writer
  • Become a problem solver
  • Be resilient
  • Be inquisitive
  • Be a good friend
  • Be at one with nature

Our aims are to support:

  • Creativity through exploring media and materials and enabling children to express their ideas
  • Children’s imagination in small world, role play and pretend play
  • Develop a love of music through dance, singing and instruments
  • Develop skills to enable children to have the confidence and freedom to express their creative minds


At Helen Gibson Nursery School expressive arts and design plays a very important role in our children’s development and links closely to all areas of the curriculum, with emphasis on first hand experiences.
We plan activities for both indoors and outdoors and are keen to use our outdoor area to stimulate children’s imaginations.
We value imaginative play and aim to encourage the children to express their ideas by providing them with relevant, meaningful equipment and materials. Our children love to take part in role play activities with opportunities inside and out.
Singing and nursery rhymes are embedded and our children have a genuine enjoyment of all things musical.  This supports children to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings through dance and other media.

Children are involved in a range of sensory experiences through which we encourage them to communicate what they see, think and feel. We develop the children’s ability in using and exploring a variety of materials, tools, techniques and skills.
We use construction equipment and everyday materials to develop our children’s individual and collaborative creativity. We use careful observations and open-ended questions to challenge children’s thinking, encouraging them to adapt their work and learn by trial and error, whilst not being afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.