Activity of the Day – Letter or Number Reaction!

If you have an alphabet or number puzzle you could use pieces from that, if not you could write letters or numbers onto individual pieces of paper and stick them to a wall or spread them out on the floor. Call out a letter/number depending on what you are using (you might want to use the letters from your child’s name, or numbers 1-5, 1-10, depending on what you want them to work on) and using a spatula/fly swat/anything you have to hand, your child has to find that letter/number and hit it! Set a timer for 30 seconds, keep score of the amount they managed to hit and count the score at the end, then you could swap and your child could call out while you hit!

Links to the EYFS –

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – making relationships; self-confidence and self-awareness                                                                                                                                                   Communication and Language – listening and attention; understanding; speaking                Physical Development – moving and handling                                                                                                   Literacy – reading                                                                                                                                Mathematics – numbers

Mindfulness Activity of the Day – Heartbeat Exercise!

Set a timer for one minute and ask your child to either jump and down or do some star jumps until the timer runs out – join in too if you want to! At the end of the minute, ask your child to place their hand on their heart and pay attention to how their heartbeat and breathing feels.

Daily Walk Challenge of the Day – Be a Sound Detective!

Can you be a sound detective today?! Listen really hard, maybe even stand still and close your eyes – what sounds can you hear outdoors? Birds singing, dogs barking, crunching leaves, your grown ups talking to you, cars or buses driving by? Any other sounds? When you get home can you draw what made the sounds you heard?

Movement of the Day – Fitness Friday – Sticky Kids!

We love moving to Sticky Kids songs at Large Group Time – here are some of our favourites for you to share with your grown up!

Introduction and End song –

Let’s Go Walking –

Stand Up, Sit Down –

Funky Monkey –

Link of the Day – Sleepy Time Games

You’ve had a busy week and it is Friday, why not end the week by relaxing with these sleepy time games!