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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Helen Gibson Nursery School website. At our school we believe it is important to form partnerships with parents.



Try this at home


October 2nd

We are supporting sharing with the children and turn taking.  Try playing a game such as snap and encourage your child to wait for their turn.




This week has been our first full week in nursery.  We have been working on putting our wellies on, taking them off and changing into our slippers.  To help your child further you could try encouraging them to put on their own wellington boots before nursery and changing into their comfy shoes / slippers when they come home.

wellington boots



The children have shown a keen interest in dinosaurs this week.  We have been creating dinosaur dens and using non fiction books to find out more about them.  See if you can find out more about dinosaurs on the internet and bring it in to share at school.  You could also try out making your own dinosaur land with potting compost and cress seeds.  Using a large tray fill with compost then sprinkle with cress seeds.  In a very short time the seeds will grow and become your very own dinosaur world.